active in the Thessaloniki Burned Area

Georgios Kampanellos

Architect Georgios Grigoriou Kampanellos (Technical Chamber reg. no. 461) received his diploma from the National Metsovian Technical University in 1921. From 1924 until 1925 he served as an architect at the Ministry of Military Affairs. In 1925-1926 he worked as a self-employed professional and public works contractor in Thessaloniki. From 1926 until 1930 he served as the head of the Architectural Department of the Municipality of Thessalonians. He returned to private practice in 1930.

According to chamber records, his office was located at Venizelou and V. Irakliou 19 Str. (presumably at the Maisa Mansion). His post-war stamp places his office at 4 Megalou Alexandrou Str. in Thessaloniki.

old building

old building