active in the Thessaloniki Burned Area

Konstantinos Kitsikis

Architect Konstantinos Kitsikis (Chamber reg. no. 532) received his diploma from Berlin’s Technische Hochschule in 1913. From 1914 until 1915 he worked as an architect at the municipality of Berlin. From 1917 until 1919 he served as a member of the International Committee for the New Plan of Thessaloniki. From 1919 until 1921 he was in charge of the Architectural Studies Department of the Ministry of Transport. After 1921 he worked as a private contractor, drafting designs and supervising architectural projects. He was also a contributor to the periodicals Erga (Works) and Technica Chronika (Technical Annals).

His office was located at 4 Skaramanga Street in Athens. With regard to the Thessaloniki Burned Area, in addition to his contribution in the work of the International Committee, he designed the building of the Commercial Bank (currently housing Alpha Bank) on Ionos Dragoumi 21.

old building