active in the Thessaloniki Burned Area

Vasileios Vasileiadis

Civil engineer Vasileios Tzaneti Vasileiadis was a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (reg. no. 136). He graduated from the National Metsovian Technical University in 1919. From 1919 until 1924 he served as a Public Works engineer at the Thessaloniki Urban Planning Office of the Ministry of Transport. From 1924 until 1928 he served as Manager and Chief Engineer with the “Oikodomiki Etairia Neon Choron” engineering company. From 1928 until 1931 he served as head of the department of urban housing of the General Directorate for the Settlement of Macedonia, tasked with addressing the refugee housing problem. From 1931 until the end of his career, he served as the head of the Technical Welfare Service of the General Administration of Macedonia.

old building

old building