active in the Thessaloniki Burned Area

Symeon Mylonas

Architect Symeon Dimitriou Mylonas (1882-1959) was a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (reg. no. 1447). Born in Constantinople, he received his diploma from the Imperial School of Fine Arts in 1907. From 1909 until 1914 he worked as an architect with the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Cairo. From 1917 until 1919 he served as an architect at the Municipality of Athens and then, until 1924, at the Greek Ministry of Transport. After 1924 he worked as a private contractor, with the exception of a three-year period (1929-1931), during which he served at the General Directorate for the Settlement of Macedonia.

His shared an office initially with fellow-architect Efthymios S. Kotzampasoulis and, later, with architect K. M. Giotopoulos. The office was located in the Drakoulis Mansion (office number: 24-25).

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