active in the Thessaloniki Burned Area

Andreas Georgakopoulos

According to existing records, he was an officer in reserve and a civil engineer, who took part, on January 2, 1917, in the inaugural meeting for the establishment of Thessaloniki’s Association of Architects and Engineers. Georgakopoulos, Eli Modiano, Tryfon-Triantafyllos Natsis, Giorgos Alibertis, Petros Moschidis, Dimitrios Vasileiou and Georgios Menexes were tasked with drafting the association’s charter. Georgakopoulos was a member of the “Committee responsible for the diplomas of Association members”.

The name of Anastasios Andrea Georgakopoulos is also registered at the Technical Chamber of Greece (reg. no. 213). He graduated from the National Metsovian Technical University in 1910 and died in 1937. He was presumably the son of Andreas Georgakopoulos.

old building

old building