active in the Thessaloniki Burned Area

Anastasios Zachariadis

Architect Anastasios Konstantinou Zachariadis (Technical Chamber reg. no. 1347) was born in Suez in 1888 and died in Athens in 1939. He studied architecture and graduated from Paris’s Ecole Spéciale d' Architecture in 1913.

From 1914 until 1916 he worked at Egypt’s Architectural Service for Public Works. From 1916 until 1922 he worked at the Office of the District Architect of Thessaloniki. During the reconstruction of Thessaloniki’s Burned Area (1922-1927) he worked as a private contractor (on construction and architectural projects). In 1927 he moved to Athens, where he continued working as a private contractor. He later worked for the Reconstruction Agency of Corinth. His last known post was with the Athens Municipality technical services.

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old building

old building